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      • Zhejiang Wanxiang Group Purchased 200 Machines from Beier
      • Zhejiang Wanxiang Group is a famous corporation in the field of automobile components. From the 1980s, Wanxiang Group has purchased more than 200 cylindrical grinding machines in the recent 30 years. These equipment are widely used in the processing of universal-joint cross trunnion, constant velocity cardan joint, bearings of hub, etc. The accuracy and reliability of Beier’s products win the trust of Wanxiang Group.
      • 2014-01-21
      • Great Wall Automobile Company Purchased 70 Machines from Beier
      • The power department, transmission department, axle department and motor department of Baoding Great Wall Automobile Company have purchased more than 70 cylindrical grinding machines from Beier. With high reliability, low failure rate and high efficient after-sale services, Beier’s products are fully recognized and confirmed by customers.
      • 2014-01-21
      • Gerag Purchased 50 CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines from Beier
      • Gerag (Jiangxi) Transmission Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of transmission. In recent years, Getrag have purchased more than 50 CNC cylindrical grinding machines to process the components of transmission. Beier’s products have completely replaced the imported equipment. And the CBN grinding wheel end-face grinding machines initialed the application of high speed processing.
      • 2014-01-21
      • Chery Motor Company Repeatedly Purchases Beier’s Products
      • In view of Beier’s public praise on the field transmission, Chery Motor Company have purchased many products from Beier, including crankshaft grinding machines, camshaft grinding machines, oil-stone superfinishing machines, etc. In order to construct Chery’s first CVT transmission Product line, Chery successively purchased 39 CNC cylindrical grinding machines.
      • 2014-01-21
      • BYD Auto Purchased 54 CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines from Beier
      • Before the construction of the production line, the famous domestic automobile company BYD Auto Co., Ltd. had a comprehensive and in-depth research on the domestic machine tool companies. Eventually, based on the high quality products and excellent services, Beier standed out from other companies and signed a big contract with BYD, in which Beier would provide BYD with 54 CNC cylindrical grinding machines.
      • 2014-01-21