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    2. 60 Years Creating Machine Tool Dreams, and Beier Set Out Again
    3.      In July 12th 2013, Beier Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary. Many leaders of machinery industries, representatives of Beier’s customers, agents and suppliers, as well as Beier’s staff attended the anniversary ceremony. Beier’s general manager Wang Bo and party sectary Xue Peng delivered wonderful speeches to welcome all the distinguished guests and to thank those who care and support the development of Beier.
      Over the 60 years, Beier has won various scientific and technological awards, filled many gaps of national technology and made great contributions to the development of China’s machine tool industry. In recent five years, under the support of Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Multiple Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and Jingcheng Machinery Electric Holding Company, Beier undertook and accomplished many missions of national scientific and technological projects and programs.
       Beier pays attention to the requirements of the industries of automobile, military, electricity and railway, etc. Beier has been improving its research and development capability on high-end grinding machines, devoting itself to providing professional equipment and solutions. Beier’s main products fall into two categories: cylindrical grinding machine and super-finishing machine. And the high precision cylindrical grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder, compound grinder, follow-up grinder and abrasive belt polishing machine are in the leading position around the country.
      In recent years, Beier has provided the automobile industries with more than 2000 set grinding machines, ranking the first in the market share of grinding industries. Most of the domestic automobile enterprises are using Beier’s CNC grinding machines to process engines, transmissions, chassis and other important components. Beier commits itself to being China’s best manufacturer and service provider of grinding machine, providing China and even the world with the best equipment.
      On the ceremony, the staff of Beier presented wonderful performance for the guests, demonstrating their confidence on realizing Beier’s “Machine Tool Dreams”.